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"I want to be so alive that I feel like the moon, Throwing...
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I like many things in ideas of images and my dream one day is to...
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The future disappears into memory With only a moment between Fo...
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PC-Gamer, Fantasy-Liebhaber, Sci-Fi-Fan, LARPer & Rollenspieler,...
Sorry can't answer a message.
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I use mostly my own photos or very rarely photos of friends
German Artist, born 1950 in northern Germany. Lived 17 years in S...
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When you "Try It" you don't have to acknowledge the person who di...
follow my Roblox accaunt too its called cooolguydgr
dream is com true
I ride the winds of time. I nibble foreign food. The time is past...
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The beginning of Time brought with it the expansion of Physical S...
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Retired from healthcare, I have an art background so this is real...
out on the range
I am a photographer, but I want to use AI exclusively for images...