Info & guidelines

Not allowed.

You can use the "+" button to use other user's style but it is not allowed to download the style image itself. It is not allowed to download or use the base image of other user's Dream. Also it is not allowed to use the result, Dream image from other users.

It is strictly forbidden to use multiple accounts. Some users try to use multiple accounts to generate fake likes to their Dreams or to go around the limitations per hour. This is not allowed and may result in: blocking all of the secondary accounts, not showing their Dreams in the latest section or in some cases, completely banning the main account.

Public Dreams - how we process them?

Submitting of violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos/images is not allowed.

Examples of not allowed images: naked people, photos which suggest sexual intercourse, photos of wounds, dead animals/people, photos of skulls which look real and alike.

Also do not use other users input photos/images. Especially when it is obvious those are personal photos.

We cannot always process all the images so if you find anything which is not compliant with the rules above use the report button to let us know.

  If submitted images are not complying with the above rules we will remove them from all the public listings.

  If a user continuously breaks the rules we might remove all of their images from all the public listings and suspend their account.

When a Dream is submitted as public it will appear under the latest section in a few minutes.

The above applies only for users with level "Member" or above. Also, we will not automatically add Dreams to the latest section if user has broken our rules & guidelines in the past.

We will not allow any NSFW (see above) images and will switch them to private or remove them. If the Dream is switched to private by our system/moderator it won't be allowed to switch to public again.

In order to get a Dream to appear on the home page it should follow the rules and terms. Also submit only the best of your work. If you submit less but higher quality Dreams they will have a better chance to go higher on the home page.

Submitting of original work is recommended, but using an old style is still fine as long as the transformation result is successful and good looking. Bear in mind our algorithms are not perfect and it requires quite a bit of skills to generate a beautiful Dream. The success rate of new users is around 10-15% at first. Check out what other experienced Dreamers have done and try to push even further.

Yes, it is possible to switch a Dream to public later. On the Dream's page there is a settings button on the bottom, where you can find "edit access" option. (To get there - find your Dream, click it, follow "Dream page" link at the bottom).

Feeds/listings - how are they generated?

Dreams will automatically appear under this section (may take a few minutes). Exceptions are Dreams submitted from brand new users (level "Newbie") and users who has previously broken our rules and guidelines.

In the "Latest >> All" section we limit Dreams to 5 per user.

Lists the best Dreams for this week (day, month or all time). We measure the likes received per each Dream to generate this one.

Editor's Choice are Dreams selected by our system or moderator.

Copyrights and how you can use generated images?

You should check out our Terms of Use.