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I'm Chevalier Yvain de Leonais, Aventurier et Troubadour, Chevali...
Long time pikazo and Dreamscope user. Recently got active on DDG...
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Art historian and student, interested in the natural world, cultu...
I am Marianne. I live in the Netherlands! I love to alter photo's...
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From Dreamscope, reluctantly!
Photography, fractal enthusiast.
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formerly “figtree” at Dreamscoper, sadly packed up my paintbrush...
I also love to paint and do ceramics
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A short story of myself..I live in South Africa. My passion, to b...
Love Drawing & Writing Music.
All that we see and seem is but a dream within a dream. - Edgar A...
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There was architecture, there was cinema, now a freelance retired...
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The Deeper Trilogy (music with dream infused imagery) is complete...
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Cat rescuer @operationpaw
All original photos are my own content.
".....nothing more than a persistent, stubborn illusion."