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Hi fellow artist's, I'm excited to be a member of this exciting g...
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A life long photographer with an artists heart. Studied Art and...
23, Bay Area.
do something kind today also, thank you so much to everyone who...
Painter, sculptor, Original artwork copyright, Windowmaker Art...
I’m an enthusiast of graphic art and the emerging field of machi...
Thanks to all the style creators !!
I don't have a particular style, I test lots of things on wolves...
I Love Art & Nature
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Angela Cooper Hanley on the Deep Dreamers Facebook group.
Technical Illustrator / Patent Draftsman by Trade - 70yrs old
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Subtle isn't really my thing.
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Scorpion, dog, jaguar, ... 333 @wiseneuron at instag...
I like books, music, poetry, history, art, geography, numismatics...
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addicted to art
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