I just like to spaghettify things (mostly anime).
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Most of my source images are from
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Sculptor, digital artist, painter.
I use only own photographys and paintings. I don't let T2D incapa...
Doing this for fun, just making artwork of my kitties. I will giv...
A semiprofessional artist, illustrator, painter, fractalist, 3D r...
Californian, learning how to be an adult.
Certified Blockchain Specialist, Google Analytics, Heathcare IT S...
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itz hw we daZe
Writer. Poet. Dreamer. Fortuitous divisions, clear azure streams...
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"The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a techno capital...
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I blame my time in Tumblr for anything I might know about art
Hi guys, my name is Undine, but you can call me Arelis my real co...
Grew up deep in the valley in So. Cal.
Kindly curmudgeon in Texas
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Son of Grybas
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learning new tricks . making desert like images for my minds appe...
My name's Nova, I live Vancouver B.C I apreciate anything aesthet...