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Just a turtle exploring the world one adventure at a time
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♦♦♦ Photographer, Artist & All-Round Creative ♦♦♦ Pop Culture F...
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French photographer with American dreams ;-)
Experimenting with computer graphics / digital arts.
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D.j. for hire
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I am a very good dreamer
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the truth of life is to dream and dreaming will produce what you...
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a bit painting, programming, 3D printing, electronics, and teachi...
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Cat rescuer @operationpaw
I'm enjoying photography with lots of variety to shoot! All base...
Full-time Nerd
Engineer, photographer, bad guitar player. Tucson.
Mainly processing my original smartphone photography with a wide...
I'm not even here, I'm not even there!
it's very important to vote because only Biden can stop the Coron...
My escape bits and bytes of creativity as time allows ... .......
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