an old artist, researcher and father
"Wenn man einen engen Hohlweg passiert hat und plötzlich auf eine...
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Art gardener
Coach, Counsellor and Counselling Hypnotherapist
Constantly beaten by the machine
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ISOTMAT. Fizpawhizz. Is there still time? The rumination has...
I am Huliar Oleh - painter and digital artist from Ukraine. This...
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Copyright works
Just an Electrical Engineer who knows how to click "Generate".
have fun ☺
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Discover Canada's Virtual AI Museum! Storyboarding our past with...
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I am (not really) a visual Artist from Germany. I think Art ist t...
"Every day is a gift, a lot of art for our days."
I'm just here to create escapes. Hey, it beats Twitter, right?
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I was born....was I ?
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