Cats. And more cats. Occasionally something else but mostly cat...
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Goodbye and good night, dreamers.
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I love digitalgraphic and digital performances. I make many textu...
Kindly curmudgeon in Texas
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I find myself Fascinated by this.
Serious, very serious. Artist whose had therapy.
love abstracts , fractals, nature & foxie & using my handycam...
pls like my photos, must become deep dreamer
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The most powerful skill we possess is to see our flaws and transf...
I'm the developer of Magical Mary 1. I like to use computers and...
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i do stuff and things.
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Engineer. Philosopher. Mentor. Student.
I am mainly a hobbyist in 3d art and animation ranging from CGI p...
World traveler nomad. Old timer special effect photographer now e...
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Art is for Expanding ones Consciousness
Graphic design/ Video production/ Web design/ Death metal audio p...
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