Outback Drover and his Dog

Outback Drover and his Dog

#aussie #australian #campfire #drover #emu #kelpie #outback

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  An oil painting of an Australian Drover in the Outback with his pet red and tan Kelpie, sitting around a campfire staring into the fire, with the Drover's hand, gently patting his red and tan Kelpie, while he smokes a pipe; a swag on the ground and a billy and coffee cup on the ground in the background, an Emu in the distance, and old barbed wire fence running along near it, the sunlight is a setting sun about 17:00pm Try

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An attempt which failed, to get an old Drover and his Kelpie, staring into a fire. But he's not patting the dog, there's no Billy, there's no Emu and no fence. He's not smoking, the coffee is


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