An attempt was made!
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Just a Dreamer
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Everywhere cats, big, small, wild, gentle, playful, concentrated,...
I am from Hamburg, Germany, make music as an improvisor and was a...
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Keep it surreal - Realism is not a solution either
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Acrylic artist, and hobby photographer, Kansas, USA
I'm just a regular every day normal MF'er.
Photography is my passion…especially nature and animals.
This abyss of beauty makes the world a better place.
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lover of weird, strange, abstract, impressionist, surreal, sci-fi...
Retired high school & college teacher
Please do not use my copyrighted images or copyrighted styles els...
Experi-Mental, Mind-Bending, Bind-Mending My friends, please f...
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Art historian and student, interested in the natural world, cultu...
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I am a car lover!
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Artist and guitarist living in Oklahoma USA. I enjoy creating abs...
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