Love playing with different effects and colours on photos - all p...
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Artist and writer all my life since childhood. Dreamkeeper all...
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I am really rather a fun-gi.
What weird patterns can I make?
What can I say? I like food.
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Dreamed landscapes, or at least attempts at such.
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Celebrate technology.
Floral Designs.
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Hypatia Caste is an autodidactic lover of philosophy, psychology,...
Woof woof.
I like big cats.
Photographer and digital artist, Canadian, obsessed with photoman...
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Dogs for days.
Dreaming = Life + Intelligence = Photography + Drawing = Art
audio, visuals, VR
Beautiful sculpture from the hands of skilled artists, ruined by...
All Images made with photos taken by me, Rebecca Humes Photograph...
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I like pretty things.
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