Sweet dreams ;^)
Sometimes I do serious style transfers, but I do a lot of memes t...
Everyone is allowed to use my dreams for themselves.
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King of his own twisted realm. Hopefully.
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If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. [Roy Rogers]
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I enjoy photography and use all of my own photos for DDG. I reall...
Schoolteacher from Siberia
went to art school - art teacher and hobbyist - I draw and paint...
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I blame my time in Tumblr for anything I might know about art
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AI enhanced imagineer (beta version) Wales:UK
I use only my own photos and enjoy transforming them with picture...
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I like nature, landscapes, farms, and the New England sea coast....
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I love tools that let me express my thoughts visually.
Just a guy in his fifties,a bit strange,I have ''Asperger'' from...
Dream on ... Dream until your dreams come true. We run a Facebook...
Retired high school & college teacher
From Melbourne, Australia. I usually either use my own art or oth...
Writer. Poet. Dreamer.
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Art historian and student, interested in the natural world, cultu...