Passionate artist whose work speaks volumes through the delicate...
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Imagination is the new reality.
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dream is com true
The key to knowing oneself is reflected by the images we journal...
follow my Gencraft account i post beautiful oil painting pictures...
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an old artist, researcher and father
“I know words. I have the best words!" - Donald T.
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Vente d'objets vintage, jouets ancien et objets à collectionner P...
I'm ☠️ Fearless Leader ☠️, Supreme Administrator of the Diabolica...
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I use mostly my own photos or very rarely photos of friends
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i am graphic designer,i am hobbyist, visual designer and abstract...
Thank you guys so much for 500 like I’m a 12’60 and 1/2 queen...
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Don't follow me, you'll get lost.
Long time pikazo and Dreamscope user. Recently got active on DDG...
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Hallo , mein Name ist Natalia. Ich bin jetzt 47 Jahre alt und...
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