Hi :)
You're amazing no matter what anyone says :)
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Nice to meet you
Software engineer with a lot of random interests, some related to...
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Creativity is about twisted turns, sometimes landing on jagged cl...
I'm a person who appreciates all art I think Any art piece can be...
I Like Penguins :)
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I'm new to AI art and trying to learn. Please feel free to messag...
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I live in Reno, NV. I create copper and Swarovski crystal suncatc...
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Artist and healer Find the beautiful in your heart so that you...
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Still working and playing at 77! Have used Paint Shop Pro for ov...
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Thanx a lot AI for your beautiful illusions in this world full of...
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Most photos used are my originals. I'm a hobby photographer and e...
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contact me at (computer email) or (ph...
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