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Dutch; like making fractals in UF; love nature, reading, painting...
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May the force be with you.
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Art historian and student, interested in the natural world, cultu...
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Self-taught fractal and 3D artist. I currently work as an R&D che...
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I live in Germany. The photos I show here are all taken by mysel...
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The people who applaud other people's victories, are people who h...
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What a long strange trip it's been...
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Dolços Somnis
If it seems I love octopuses, that is true. (btw I checked, and O...
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a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an...
A retired educator... "A dream doesn't become reality through...
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With 3 or 4 exceptions , all the original photos have been taken...
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Animal Lover and Space Enthusiast
From the Scottish Highlands. Here for the bonnie pictures. :)