DDG addict. I exclusively use my own photos. My favorite subjects...
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Retired high school & college teacher
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Retired, playing with my photos, and having fun
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I live in Colorado and love cactus, kitties and nature...
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Washington DC photographer, artist, musician and mushroom nerd. I...
if you believe then your strong
She/her I personally enjoy a lot of surreal, modern/postmodern...
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Art is everywhere!
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Just having fun: experimenting and conversing with the AI.
A semiprofessional artist, illustrator, painter, fractalist, 3D r...
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French filmmaker who loves news experiences based on artificial i...
Dreams become reality. Dreamers become gods.
"I quote others only in order to better express myself." - Michel...
Back again after a break
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I also love to paint and do ceramics
Since diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer estrogen po...
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Doing Good as much as possible to have Well-wishers Only and Be R...
Cats. And more cats. Occasionally something else but mostly cat...
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