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A New 100 Energy into this Account, So i said goodbye to my old o...
So long, and thank for all the fish!
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Zoli's dreams: I like the beautiful.
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I've lived, I've loved and I have made the most of my time on thi...
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Student, 16 years, junior writer and cover artist ☺️ I’m German...
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Started working Ai art 4 months ago, still a long way to go, memb...
... Art is not just for pleasure reasons
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I love swimming :) I swim in a long kaftan or a tiedye umbrella d...
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I'm just dreaming and loving
creating reality with words in my 84th year these images represe...
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All images that have been taken from this account and SOLD on oth...
Web Developer
StarWars fan, Coder, Retro Gamer, 80‘s Music, Cars & the Arts…
Following is not a one way.... Ich lebe in Ost-Deutschland. Du ka...
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Always open to new worlds.
Je suis un extraterrestre