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I am a photographer, painter from the Netherlands. Love this site...
I'm an alien humanoid lizard, just biding my time, waiting for th...
I'm an NFT creator
Amateur Drone/Phone Photographer. Sunset appreciator. Just here f...
Half Australian, Half English totally up for it.
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╃Ø.Ċ.Đ. Ōяǥåӥȉʐєđ ȻяєåϮȉφӥ φғ Đȉ§§åϮȉ§ғå¢Ϯȉφӥ╄ ▀☠▄▀Ᵽ▄▀Ʉ▄▀ℕ▄▀Ƙ▄▀☠...
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Great change is now upon the people of this world. There are solu...
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