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Retired high school & college teacher
I have two cats....any questions? ;o)
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Thank you for trying my prompts :)
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I love tools that let me express my thoughts visually.
editorial wise ass and cranky old guy.
Self-taught fractal and 3D artist. I currently work as an R&D che...
Love Photography and Image editing
We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives in the dream....
I love playing around with photos, especially landscapes, plants,...
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I speak only Duch
American living in Australia, recently retired art teacher living...
Author of fantasy books, cartoonist and now living in Cape Town a...
"Bring out the GIMP"
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Art geek, seeker, I want answers to the Whys in life...Keep Dream...
Retired teacher living on the south coast of NSW. All photograph...
“Ama el arte. De todas las mentiras es, cuando menos, la menos fa...
Dutch; like making fractals in UF; love nature, reading, painting...
AI artist and Dachshund enthusiast.
Just a guy in his fifties,a bit strange,I have ''Asperger'' from...
Nature admirer, single mother, lover of arts!!!
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Experimenting with computer graphics / digital arts.
I am new at this and so far, the dreams i have generated are eith...