Bride in the mystic jungle

Woman in white gown stands in serene forest setting
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More about Bride in the mystic jungle

Bride in the mystic jungle, insanely and hauntingly beautiful illustration of a breathtaking bride, with wispy, dreamlike quality, with many pastel colors and a hazy, ethereal atmosphere that captures the lonely female with beautiful white hair and perfect body figure (pear shaped curve body), wearing a see-through translucent lace gown; walking on the pathway in the mystic jungle; in style of Mandy Jurgens and Martine Johanna arts; the model has beautiful smooth face, she has a gorgeous feminine curve body proportion with round hips, her age is 21 years old, she is an Asian girl, seductive gaze; she is surrounded by very beautiful exotic flowers, by Julia Razumova and Diego Fernandez, Aquarelle painting, in style of Thomas Wells Schaller, Pino Daeni


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