electric superhuman transformation

electric superhuman transformation
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surrealism bodyscape double exposure surreal portrait of electric superhuman transformation, art is filled with moonlight, light lines coming from the body glowing like a arteries and nerves full of glowing liquid on body of a beautiful pretty female with glowing powder all over body, she has fair skin, wavy brown hair, model has perfect body figure ((round wide hips)) ((wide shoulders)) (triangle body figure), sitting in a dark place, facing her front view to the camera, 20 years old; in the blended landscape painted on body there is a ghostly skin and arteries flowing with moonlight glowing among smoke from the light glow is created a sensational and sticking intricate beautiful view intricate spreading smoke, fluorescent pigment body painting style by John Poppleton and Bob Ross, and matte painting style by Catrin Welz-Stein, Tomasz Alen Kopera, double exposure, illusion, surreal, concept art


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