Haiku: Laughing

#alzheimers #oldlady #onherwaytobeinganangel

Prompt:  Seeing you laugh, while your memories disappear; I am in awe of you.   Try it
Started from image:
Mary Smith

Originally from a photo of my sister laughing, just a year before she died. Alzheimers took her memories of her life, her jobs, her adventures, her travels.... but it never took away her soul, her love, or her laughter. It would have eventually taken away even that, but she died of kidney failure before the Alzheimers could kill her more slowly. She never stopped being accepting, gracious, kind, cheerful, and loving. I really was in awe of her amazing attitude. I don't know if I would be able to be like that if my memories were being erased. Maybe, with her example in front of me, I could.
The haiku I wrote reads:

Seeing you laugh while
Your memories disappear...
I am in awe of you.


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