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I like chicken noodle soup
introverted anime lover
Born and raised in Houston TX, Married 34 years, wife passed away...
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Exclusive designs from the MJI Collection. MJI has made his exclu...
A human facilitated, AI generated, art project
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What's an android dream of a Gordian Knot? ¿Qué es un sueño andr...
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"The day I will stop dreaming I will start aging" -my life motto!...
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"Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before panc...
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Musician. I love art.
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Just Playing with Stuff
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Consciousness is the root of everything.
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trying to explain what i had in mind... My little Worlds: htt...
Artist and Reviewer for 20 years plus, liked the idea of this pla...
Welcome to my colorful world! Passionate about Photography and G...
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Soy dibujante, ilustrador y pintor. Me encanta el DeepDream y sus...
Artist, maker and musician