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UK based fractal and digital artist. This was fun but I don’t wan...
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I’m a photographer, writer, teacher, traveler from Northern Calif...
Historian, hobby photographer and traveller from Europe. I use th...
out on the range
Cats. And more cats. Occasionally something else but mostly cat...
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Felix is my Ragdoll cat... and he rocks. I'm 13 years old and I l...
I am from Hamburg, Germany, make music as an improvisor and was a...
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I am a cat caretaker of 4 cats, and enjoy my days lost in a dream...
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Digital Artist
The majority of my creations here start out from original artwork...
Love art and Travel and psychedelics
Do you know whats makes you weak? You wanting to prove that you...
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Lucid dreamer, votary of novelty... royal cosmic rapscallion.
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I enjoy making psychedelic/trippy art with DDG.
Never trust a prankster.
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