We are all mirror of ourselves. ( The mirrors are in our eyes.) W...
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Graphic Designer and photographer living in New England
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I love tools that let me express my thoughts visually.
Addicted to computer graphics since 1985, when i rendered my firs...
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Unemployed photog, music producer / guitar player enjoying what l...
Most of these deep dreams are brought to life using EbSynth and A...
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The most powerful skill we possess is to see our flaws and transf...
Goodbye and good night, dreamers.
Grew up deep in the valley in So. Cal.
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Washington DC photographer, artist, musician and mushroom nerd. I...
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"Good artists copy, great artists steal"... Bitcasso
Let's all get crazy here!
I use DDG to convert my 3D pictures into Deep 3D Dreams
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Digital [ONLY] Artist, shop owner, guitarist and Lyme Disease sur...
I enjoy digital art.