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Proud parent of Minxie the cat.
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‘’What is done in love is done well.’’ -Vincent Van Gogh
I like photo and others graphic arts, most of my DDG images are f...
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Graphic Designer and digital art enthusiast
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Artist, maker and musician
I'm a designer and amateur photographer who loves to manipulate p...
Legacy of a Family. An Ancient Art of Sword and Pen.
I always forget what this is like.
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Digital art created by Sir CrowPickle at the Steam Atomitorium
I am who I am. I am the Master of my Fate,I am the Captain of my...
I use my own artwork as base images-including artwork I've genera...
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Nature admirer, single mother, lover of arts!!!
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Born in Stars, we live on Earth as Poets - William Blake
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All base images are my own photographs, unless otherwise noted.
Breathe. Just breathe.
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