Art for arts sake.
Game designer, programmer and machine learning enthusiast.
Corruption is toxic to creativity---why I prefer my privacy....
I use only my own photos and enjoy transforming them with picture...
All the pics I edit were taken by me :)
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As a realistic painter I search (and I find) inspiration in Deep...
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Let's all get crazy here!
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Lottofrewards is creating elegant,quality, original products with...
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King of his own twisted realm. Hopefully.
creating stuff for roleplay
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Explorer of the Universe ● I enjoy learning about fractals, art,...
I am an artist. I love African wild animals. I hope to bring thei...
Art is for Expanding ones Consciousness
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Serious, very serious. Artist whose had therapy.
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Live Today like Jesus is coming tomorrow.
Bill here, hi. An artist all my life, paintings, design jobs, u...
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I like to experiment, discover new things. This is letting your...
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