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Playing, learning, having fun :)
I love the inspiration brought on by the possibilities of interpr...
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This abyss of beauty makes the world a better place.
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Retired Set Designer
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As a realistic painter I search (and I find) inspiration in Deep...
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Musician, Artist, Socialist, Photographer. Living in rural Northu...
Check out the tag I made! #DD - I use it for all of my creations...
Wage Slave/Illuminati Puppet, Rapture Reject, SGWM, Lover of Natu...
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Acrylic artist, and hobby photographer, Kansas, USA, using my own...
Creator, I have been painting with different mediums for as long...
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I have three cats....any questions? ;o)
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SINIKU - Siegfried Nitsche Kulmbach - seit 2015 Privatier-
Bodyworker, webdesigner, artist and cook. Exploring keeps me youn...
feel free to use any original dream styles
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I'm an artist with words: I am an author with AKA Literary agency...
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