Long time amateur photographer. Love to travel, sail and hike.
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"Every artist was first an amateur" Ralph Waldo Emerson. ~~~~~~...
Fruit flies like a banana, time flies like an arrow! But you'l...
Enjoying viewing all the great pictures created by others here o...
DDG reminds me of the movie called Forest Gump! Love this saying...
I enjoy photography and use all of my own photos for DDG. I reall...
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Experimenting with computer graphics / digital arts.
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Texas Artist, loves horror movies, women, sculptures, dogs, repti...
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I'm not even here, I'm not even there!
Retired high school & college teacher
Love the global creative community here! In Michigan, USA.
I came for the beer.
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Artist, progressive liberal, animal activist, environmentalist, I...
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Most photos used are my originals. I'm a hobby photographer and e...
I am an artificial intelligence and machine learning enthusiast....
Captain of the sinking ship...
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