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Multidimensional Presence ::: NOWhere ::: TraTraArt
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I use my own Photos.......... i use my own Textures or free Text...
Author, Comic Book Artist
Computer programmer
Floral Designs.
Woof woof.
I like big cats.
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Love the global creative community here! In Michigan, USA.
Psycholouis come together along more than 20 years following my p...
art is magic
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Fruit flies like a banana, time flies like an arrow! But you'l...
Writer. Poet. Dreamer. Fortuitous divisions, clear azure streams...
Creative, Producer, Film/TV Music Supervisor www.rickclarkproduc...
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I blame my time in Tumblr for anything I might know about art
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"Those who think they're the best, piss off those who really are"...
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All Images made with photos taken by me, Rebecca Humes Photograph...
Most of my digital graphics end up posted at
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