I like to take what I generate here and further modify them using...
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Addicted to computer graphics since 1985, when i rendered my firs...
I enjoy digital art and play the banjo, flamenco guitar and blues...
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Art is everywhere!
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You get all the nachos stuck together that's one nacho...
Still experimenting. Still exploring options. Still figuring ou...
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Invisible, disregarded, excluded, disrespected, accused, blamed…....
Find more of my art on Instagram and tik tok: @optic.flux
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Almost all of these photos are from social media..So if you see a...
out on the range
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All base photos are mine and subject to copyright protection. Or...
Since diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer estrogen po...
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I also love to paint and do ceramics
I Art Things.
Experimenting with computer graphics / digital arts.