I'm an alien humanoid lizard, just biding my time, waiting for th...
"Some say I'm a Dreamer, but I'm not the only one." Technicolor...
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I am a retired agrometeorology researcher. My hobbies include DIY...
Just a casual art enthusiast who stumbled upon this site.
My sources are original paintings I've made on canvas.
My posts are primarily a mix of original photos and public domain...
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Long time pikazo and Dreamscope user. Recently got active on DDG...
loves fractals
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Freelance IT pro specialized in prepress activities - FRANCE
Musician/Artist/Dreamer. Analog/Digital. Human/Machine.
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Musician, artist, teacher, daydreamer
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Videographer, photographer, archivist, eclectic, eccentric, old h...
I love our amazing planet and the artists who create, honor and m...
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I use iOS and Android apps to enhance photographs of University P...
I create miniature worlds with vinyl collectibles and toys. Then...
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My main themes are Fantay, Abstract and Impressionism. Thanks for...
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