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School of hard knocks !!!
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All works include a painting drawing writing or photo i made.
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From the north of 'Danevang' (DK). I'm a 'Left handed' multi-art...
Artist/surface pattern designer. I loved traveling (BC - before c...
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"Those who think they're the best, piss off those who really are"...
Floral Designs.
Kitties for life.
I enjoy photography and use all of my own photos for DDG. I reall...
‘’What is done in love is done well.’’ -Vincent Van Gogh
In the lands of dreams nothing is quite what it seems! _ We run...
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Creative, Producer, Film/TV Music Supervisor www.rickclarkproduc...
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I use iOS and Android apps to enhance photographs of University P...
A Zephyr is a Spring Wind - change is in the air....
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Long time amateur photographer. Love to travel, sail and hike.
Enjoying using my own photos to create something that resembles a...
I'm a photography enthusiast and I dream in color.