Doing this for fun, just making artwork of my kitties. I will giv...
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love abstracts , fractals, nature & foxie & using my handycam... Instagram: @M3TAVisuals زیبایی...
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I dreamt of being an artist and became one. Dreams are from my...
All dreams using my own photos. Group on Flickr - DEEP DREAM GEN...
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Hopelessly addicted to colour
snails are pretty cool I think
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have fun ☺
Hello DDG World! thanks check an About Me Site NinePaper Artwo...
All base images are from my own original digital art, made mostly...
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I'm an artist, a product designer by profession. I love painting,...
Art=ARt=ART=aRt=Δɾէ symbi~unique Different AI & Photoshop...
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Building castles, raising spirits, tearing down walls
Festival co Founder - Time Gate Operator
Author, Comic Book Artist
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If it wasn't for God, I'd be an anarchist.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University, 1986
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I enjoy photography and use all of my own photos for DDG. I reall...