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i am graphic designer,i am hobbyist, visual designer and abstract...
I use mostly my own photos or very rarely photos of friends
dream is com true
God, human, nature, earth
I ride the winds of time. I nibble foreign food. The time is past...
lover of weird, strange, abstract, impressionist, surreal, sci-fi...
If you have come here you deserve to know that I am the poet and...
Weltmeisterschaf / World Champion Sheep / Champion de Mode : ht...
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Photographer, digital artist, explorer. Unless otherwise speci...
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Don't be discouraged by those who sneer at art created by AI; one...
Currently busy cleaning out my profile... not yet sure what I wil...
Secret art lover with so much ideas in my head.
Logica brengt je van A naar B. Fantasy brengt je overal!
I'm Chevalier Yvain de Leonais, Aventurier et Troubadour, Chevali...
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Lorenz, 63, from Frankfurt/ Germany
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