I enjoy photographing nature and family. It can be challenging at...
I an an administrator of 4 art groups on Facebook love al art
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Visual art. Visual art? Art? What is art? Instants, memories o...
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American living in Australia, recently retired art teacher living...
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I am Marianne. I live in the Netherlands! I love to alter photo's...
Ukrainian dreamer
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Someone who loves taking pics.
An experiment trying to enter the deeper aesthetics
Enjoying this site and the opportunity to be a little creative--i...
Experimental Nogal Visual Artist
Feed your soul--create something every day: a poem, a painting, a...
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My posts are primarily a mix of original photos and public domain...
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My photos to my dreams
I'm an artist, a product designer by profession. I love painting,...
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I love our amazing planet and the artists who create, honor and m...
From Upper Palatinate