Preparing our Hearts for Service


Prompt:  A man sitting at church getting ready to preach before a service begins. Watercolour by Jean Baptiste Monge.   Try it
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As followers of Jesus, it is important that we prepare ourselves before serving Him. Our service to Him should be a reflection of our love and devotion to Him, and it is essential that we approach our service with humility, sincerity, and a heart that is ready to be used by Him.

One way to prepare ourselves before serving Jesus is through prayer. In prayer, we can ask God to prepare our hearts and minds for the work that He has called us to do. We can ask Him to give us the wisdom, strength, and courage that we need to carry out His will, and to help us remain focused on Him and His purpose.

Another way to prepare ourselves is to spend time in His Word. The Bible is the ultimate source of wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for Christians, and it is through reading and studying it that we can gain a deeper understanding of who God is, what He desires of us, and how we can serve Him in the most effective way possible.

Additionally, we should strive to live lives that are pleasing to God. This means seeking to live in obedience to His commands, and actively working to put off the sin and selfishness that can hinder our ability to serve Him. We should also seek to cultivate a heart of gratitude and humility, recognizing that any good we are able to do is only possible because of the grace and mercy of God.

Ultimately, our preparation for serving Jesus should be grounded in our love for Him. As we grow in our love for Him, our desire to serve Him will grow as well, and we will be better equipped to carry out His will in our lives and in the world around us. Let us then, with hearts full of love and gratitude, prepare ourselves to serve Jesus in whatever way He calls us, knowing that He is with us every step of the way.


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