Desperate Voyage

Desperate Voyage

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Model: Artistic 2
Prompt:  oil painting of a very beautiful young platinum blonde half-japanese woman desperately clinging to the mast of a sinking oriental ship with lateen sail in a tropical storm; her clothes are torn and ripped; ship in a heavy tropical storm, splintering boat planks, ripped sails, drowning sailors, sailors crying, broken masts, rain, thunderstorm, dramatic sky; extremely detailed; fantasy concept art extremely detailed intricate oil on canvas dynamic lighting fantastic view hyperrealistic Unreal Engine Gustave Doré Claude Monet John William Waterhouse Ferdinand Knab Rembrandt WILLIAM TURNER Albert Bierstadt Gustave Moreau Frederic Edwin Church vincent van gogh arnold böcklin Jan Vermeer Arthur Rackham style Michael Kormack worm's-eye view domenico morelli Wilhelm Gentz Carl Frederik Sørensen Try
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Desperate Voyage: A Stormy Odyssey Through the Eyes of Masters


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