Woman and Flowers

Woman and Flowers

#beautiful #flowers #hair #pretty #watercolour #woman #xymonau

Model: Fusion*
Prompt:  Watercolour and ink poster art of a glowing bright dancing Waterhouse princess wearing a gorgeous sweeping dress embroidered with flowers and bees, sparkling diamonds falling all around, full body portrait, dynamic, Triadic lighting, stunning masterpiece, by Carne Griffiths, full body portrait, splashed watercolours and inks, scenic beauty, art masterpiece, perfect, bright, rainbow colored, watercolor paper texture, color depth, concept art, beautiful realistic eyes, beautiful face, focussed eyes, no squint, properly proportioned face, no hands, John William Waterhouse Try (86)
studio lighting 8k photorealistic beautiful award winning high definition Unreal Engine colourful hdr VRay Anna Dittmann
Started from image:

More about Woman and Flowers

Another beautiful woman with wild hair and flowers. Base image is mine and made in DDG.


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