Wistful and Pretty

Wistful and Pretty

#beautiful #pretty #watercolour #wildhair #wistful #woman #xymonau

Model: Artistic
Prompt:  A prize winning AI generated drip paint upper body portrait of a wild-haired Waterhouse beauty; she has beautiful eyes and a beautiful mouth and milky skin; she is backlit by the sunset; she has spectacular long red hair blowing in the breeze; backlit, watercolor, bold pastel colours, wet on wet, speed paint, soft and gentle, powerful splash effect, drip effect, by Dee Nickerson, by Yossi Kotler, by Melissa Smith, by Chen Yingjie, by Arian Noveir, by Agnes Cecile, by Jim Warren, no artefacts on face, clear skin, no marks on face, realistic hair, eyes both focussed on the same place, big beautiful eyes exactly the same size, both pupils perfectly round, one head only, no hands, friendly normal face, no arms, voluminous tresses Try (34)
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A pretty woman wrapped in spectacular watercolour waves. The base image was made by me in DDG.


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