Ukraine, Kotsiubiiv, Kotsiubiiv O & B Theatre

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Prompt:  Post-Modern Architecture. As a reaction to the austerity and rigidity promoted by Modern architecture, the Post-Modernist architects launched this design movement in the 1960s. The post-modern designs incorporated artistic ornamentation and decorative elements into the building’s façade as opposed to just the clean lines upheld by modernist styles. The Post-modernist style refused to be boxed to just one type so designs often drew inspiration from a mix of architectural styles. For some buildings, this combination often resulted to a somewhat hybrid and whimsical design. The Vanna Venturi House in Pennsylvania, USA designed by Robvert Venturi is one of the first prominent structures of the post-modern architecture movement. Two famous structures designed by architect Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Dancing House in Prague are also notable examples. In the UK, the SIS Building and the No 1 Poulty in London are some examples.   Try it
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