All Images made with photos taken by me, Rebecca Humes Photograph...
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I'm a free spirit in mind and a introvert in reality. Art is in...
I love all things magical from fairies to sprites and spirits of...
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I like to write soundtracks and make art, old school and AI
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Ex-POV-Ray user, now into AI Art. Random Prompt Generator now...
limited by resources and other aspects, for now we start the easy...
I from Russia, and me sixteen(16) old year. And I loves Middle ag...
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Absolutely love these new styles that I'm trying, thanks to all o...
caecus stultus deus
Born, raised, getting older every day ... Loves owls 'n critters...
Dreams become reality. Dreamers become gods.
Photography hobbyist living in NZ. Running(mostly) my photos(not...
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Just Passing through life one day at a time.
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Oddball. Whovian.
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I've loved creating art since I was a kid. This site is something...
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