Artist, maker and musician
Estrellas de filos minúsculos pulsan entre tus astros... frecuenc...
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Writer and Artist Current novel is about science, family, free...
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Just check out Artaruna on facebook and you will find everything...
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Painter, sculptor, Original artwork copyright, Windowmaker Art...
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All images are based on my own photographs, unless otherwise note...
Just having fun with art
Long time amateur photographer. Love to travel, sail and hike.
animator, film maker, musician, psychedelic artist
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Oregonian, software engineer, designer, artist and digital musici...
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DDG reminds me of the movie called Forest Gump! Love this saying...
I like to dream with the photos I've taken to make cool new art
Hi fellow artist's, I'm excited to be a member of this exciting g...
We are like Onion rings - kinda crispy
Maye's Witch / Lover / Sexy Wife