i am graphic designer,i am hobbyist, visual designer and abstract...
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Just a dingus wanting to blow up online
I am an artificial intelligence and machine learning enthusiast....
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Please do not use my copyrighted images or copyrighted styles els...
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I'm new to AI art and trying to learn. Please feel free to messag...
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Ukrainian dreamer show numerous variations of the Kotsiubiiv Nati...
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Just an enthusiast
limited by resources and other aspects, for now we start the easy...
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I make quality garbage
An attempt was made!
I like to write soundtracks and make art, old school and AI
In search of beautiful art.
Nft Forge Collective, a symbiosis of generative AI and intricate...
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I use DDG to convert my 3D pictures into Deep 3D Dreams
Let's cocreate the future we love ☝️ Part of a startup brewery...
LSD,DMT,Shrooms,Love & Art...
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