i am graphic designer,i am hobbyist, visual designer and abstract...
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I try to do something new with AI daily
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Happy Easter!
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Ogres are like onions. Onions have layers, ogres have layers!
I'm new to AI art and trying to learn. Please feel free to messag...
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Ukrainian dreamer show numerous variations of the Kotsiubiiv Nati...
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I Like PC Games, Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online, Ev...
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limited by resources and other aspects, for now we start the easy...
Just an enthusiast
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Constantly searching for pictures to illustrate my 5-novel-altern...
In search of beautiful art.
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I like to write soundtracks and make art, old school and AI
I am not perfect I was born with a birth defect, Spina Bifida. My...
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Richard has been creating computer art for 30 years. I wrote my f...
I am a retired agrometeorology researcher. My hobbies include DIY...
Just a casual art enthusiast who stumbled upon this site.