Amateur but having fun! ALL images are copyrighted and MAY NOT b...
Hallo , mein Name ist Natalia. Ich bin jetzt 47 Jahre alt und...
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I am an artificial intelligence and machine learning enthusiast....
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Love art in any shape or form. Photography got me started, Canon...
Music and dreams
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I'm ☠️ Fearless Leader ☠️, Supreme Administrator of the Diabolica...
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Someone who loves many sorts of art, admires its combination with...
Writer. Poet. Dreamer.
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Dos cosas al menos anhelo en la vida: Poder sin Culpa y Amor sin...
Hobby Fotographer
Ok, so I had a troubled childhood! I like to find practical real...
an old artist, researcher and father
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I like to dream, I'm a romantic dreamer, I like to bring stories...
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Don't be discouraged by those who sneer at art created by AI; one...
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