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Aficionado of the unusual
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My art teacher says my drawings need more contrast.
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Cyber Artist #cardano #nft
Musician/Artist/Dreamer. Analog/Digital. Human/Machine.
Connoisseur of surreal.
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Dutch; like making fractals in UF; love nature, reading, painting...
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48/m I research light. The physics of it, waves, etc. I do like...
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Born in Stars, we live on Earth as Poets - William Blake
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Yoda was my beautiful and beloved puppy. He lived a very short ti...
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Artist and guitarist living in Oklahoma USA. I enjoy creating abs...
Artist/surface pattern designer. I loved traveling (BC - before c...
Kindly curmudgeon in Texas
I enjoy digital art and play the banjo, flamenco guitar and blues...
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Live Today like Jesus is coming tomorrow.
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