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Writer, photographer, graphic artist having some fun - hoping to...
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I am a dreamer and love sci-fi. DDG gives me the opportunity to e...
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Artist, writer, animator
Originally from Stamford CT U.S.A. almost 9 years ago moved to t...
This keeps me sane......and happy. (All of my base images are my...
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Let's cocreate the future we love ☝️ Part of a startup brewery...
I also love to paint and do ceramics
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If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. [Roy Rogers]
Hello from Northern Ireland... joined this Deep Dream in June 202...
Back again after a break
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Retired teacher and grandmother of four wonderfull grandchildren....
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Art historian and student, interested in the natural world, cultu...
I'm a photography enthusiast and I dream in color.
I’ve been a soldier, a teacher, an advocate for people with disab...
art is magic
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