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I am mainly a hobbyist in 3d art and animation ranging from CGI p...
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Product developer and engineer specializing in microchip design,...
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A Citizen World
"Dream a Little Dream of Me..." - AI
Soy dibujante, ilustrador y pintor. Me encanta el DeepDream y sus...
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I use DDG to convert my 3D pictures into Deep 3D Dreams
Graphic artist from Hamburg
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check it like it follow it be happy msg me if ya really into them...
I have a diverse background, with multiple areas of study and int...
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photographer & AI painter
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Me encanta experimentar con Inteligencia Artificial
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Initially written back in DS2 days! (Now with the advent of Text...
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" Look Close God's in charge it's not his First Rodeo " I build ,...
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Check out that Google photos album I have in the website link. It...