Remember that you are light, and you can shine.
the only thing you can learn from life, it goes on.
have fun ☺
French filmmaker who loves news experiences based on artificial i...
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Les pieds sur terre, la tête dans les étoiles.
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Acrylic artist, and hobby photographer, Kansas, USA
Art geek, seeker, I want answers to the Whys in life...Keep Dream...
"I quote others only in order to better express myself." - Michel...
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“Become Who You Are” Photographer, Story Teller, Brazilian
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I enjoy photography and use all of my own photos for DDG. I reall...
Certified Blockchain Specialist, Google Analytics & more, I'm Sou...
Self-taught fractal and 3D artist. I currently work as an R&D che...
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Making amazing paints!! Follow me to get helpful information!!
I blame my time in Tumblr for anything I might know about art
I Art Things.
I am a photographer, painter from the Netherlands. Love this site...
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