I like to take what I generate here and further modify them using...
Shoegazer Dreampop & Music Lover, ChessPlayer, SPFC
ₙᵢgₕₜ Gₐₗₗₑᵣy Ţ̵̢̹͈̭͓͚̀h̴͚̦̝̻̊̍̈́̾̚e̶͇͇͇̓̽̌̕ ̴̧̼͉̜̹͌̑Ó̷͔͎̜̞̪̆̋̎u...
a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an...
Consciousness is the root of everything.
What a long strange trip it's been...
I'm a photography enthusiast and I dream in color.
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Artist, solo and as ADEPT with Shanaz Gulzar. Project manager at...
Wage Slave/Illuminati Puppet, Rapture Reject, SGWM, Lover of Natu...
Photography, Music and Science enthusiast.
digital art enthuthiast
out on the range
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I also love to paint and do ceramics
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I Art Things.
Doing Good as much as possible to have Well-wishers Only and Be R...
D.j. for hire
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I am a slytherin, if you couldn't tell. I love making art, and if...
Someone who loves taking pics.
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A Zephyr is a Spring Wind - change is in the air....
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